Commercial Ice Management

Pretreating, Salting, Spraying

NJ Ice Management
Effective ice management requires strategic planning, communication, and expertise. J. Kramer Landscaping & Snow Plowing is experienced in various ice management techniques to keep your business open and safe during winter storms.


Pretreating is an ice management technique that involves spraying liquid de-icing agents, such as Ice B’Gone Magic Liquid, onto parking lots, roads, and sidewalks before a storm. We use liquid salt for pretreating because it sticks to surfaces more effectively than solid salt. 90% of winter storms include pretreating as an ice management technique.

Salting During Winter Storms

Pretreating is a preventative technique for ice management, but we also use spreaders to deploy solid salt onto surfaces during and after storms. Solid salt is effective at preventing hard packed snow and to prevent snow from turning to ice. Our crews use salt in bulk to spread on parking lots and also bagged salt for sidewalks and walkways.

Bulk & Bag Salt Wholesale

J. Kramer Landscaping & Snow Plowing also provides salt at wholesale prices. Contact us for large quantities of bulk or bag salt, including standard salt and Ice B’Gone.

Salt Stockpile Treating Services

We are able to treat your bulk salt stockpiles to make it less corrosive and usable down to -30F. Contact us for stockpile treating service.

Before the storm begins, our hired meteorologists will provide us with up-the-minute details to track the storm. We notify and dispatch all service personal. J. Kramer Landscaping & Snow Plowing will develop a strategy for each storm to properly manage the snow, ice, sleet, and freezing rain.

Ice management involves pretreating parking lots and sidewalks with liquid and/or solid salt. As the storm progresses, J. Kramer Landscaping & Snowplowing will use other ice management techniques in conjunction with snow plowing and snow removal to keep your business safe and accessible.

  • Both defensive and aggressive ice management techniques keep employees and customers safe
  • Prevent slip and fall liability
  • Keep employees and customers safe from run-off, refreezing snow, and black ice
  • Maintains your parking spaces so customer and employees can safely get to and from your business
  • Let’s you run your business at normal capacity and avoid closing

Take care of business. We'll handle the snow.

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