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J. Kramer Landscaping & Snow Plowing is fully prepared for even the harshest winter storms.  We use WeatherWorks, the best expert weather service in the industry, to provide up to the minute warnings and notifications of upcoming storms and certified snow totals.

Storm Alert

Winter Storm Alerts

WeatherWorks provides us with extremely accurate and detailed forecasts on weekly, daily, hourly, and up-to-the-minute intervals.  Knowing when a storm is going to intensify before it happens gives us an advantage over the competition.  J. Kramer is able to prepare for worsening conditions and react appropriately so your business will experience less down time.

Certified Snowfall Totals

Certified Snow Totals

When your business is on a per-inch or per-storm payment plan, it is important to accurately keep track of your costs.  J. Kramer uses the WeatherWorks Certified Snowfall Totals service to provide exact measurements of the snow and ice that your business experienced during every storm.  During billing you will receive detailed snow totals and a weather report for each storm.

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